Questions about the Moving Celebration?

Where can I fill my water bottle on the event grounds?
There will be water stations on the event grounds that will be clearly indicated with signage.
I confirmed my presence on Facebook, does this automatically grant me a space at the event?
No, even though you confirmed that you were attending on Facebook, this does not in fact grant you a space at the event. The event remains on a first come first serve basis.
Are there checkrooms onsite?
No, there are no checkrooms onsite. There will be some unlocked and unsupervised cubbies on the event grounds where you can leave certain non-valuable belongings if you should choose to. Please note that CN is not responsible for any stolen goods on the event grounds.
In which languages are the activities offered?
The activities are offered in English and French.
Are the events pet friendly?
No. Pets are not allowed on site, with the exception of Mira dogs.
Is the event site accessible for persons with limited mobility?
Yes, the event site has been built so that it is wheelchair accessible and will have appropriate ramps and guardrails when applicable.

Train of the Future Contest

Participate for a chance to win CN100 accessories
How do you picture the “Train of the Future?” Follow your imagination to design your “Train of the Future” using the medium of your choice. Build your model at home or onsite at CN100 - A Moving Celebration! And post a photo of it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using hashtags #CNTrainOfTheFuture and #CN100. (Just make sure your post is set to "public"!) Winners will be randomly selected every month. Good luck!