A Moving Celebration

For CN’s 100th anniversary, we are touring across North America. Come celebrate the people, the trains and the spirit that helped build a nation.

Take a step inside

CN100 A Moving Celebration is on its way to a city near you. Step inside 100 years of history and foresee the future of rail transport in North America with interactive exhibits, entertainers, music and more.

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May 23rd — 26th 2019
Quebec, QC
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June 13th — 16th 2019
Halifax, NS
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July 4th — 10th 2019
Calgary, AB
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July 18th — 23rd 2019
Edmonton, AB
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August 20th — 25th 2019
Vancouver, BC
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September 19th — 22nd 2019
Winnipeg, MB
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November 25th — 30th 2019
Regina, SK
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April 3rd — 4th 2020
New Orleans, LA
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April 17th — 18th 2020
Memphis, TN
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May 15th — 16th 2020
Chicago, IL
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June 30th — July 5th 2020
Ottawa, ON
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August 6th — 9th 2020
Moncton, NB
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August 22nd — 26th 2020
Toronto, ON
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October 1st — 4th 2020
Montreal, QC
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